Facilities List

Our unique facility located in Milford, CT is run by some of the most state of the art equipment. These CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machines and Millers help us create high quality parts that satisfy our customers time after time. Additionally, our technology enables us to machine distinctive materials, such as: stainless steel, carbon and lead steels, aluminums, brass, copper and even most plastics.

  1. (1) Hurco VM10 High Speed Precision CNC Machining Center - New 2011
  2. (2) Kia SKT 100 CNC Lathe w/ LNS Bar Feeder and Parts Catcher
  3. (1) Supermax FV56A/APC CNC Pallet Machining Center
  4. (1) Comet CNC machining Center
  5. (3) Hitachi Sieki HT-20 CNC Lathes
  6. (1) Hitachi Seiki 3NE CNC Lathe
  7. (1) MHP Precision CNC Machining Center
  8. Numerous South Bend secondary lathes
  9. Numerous Bridgeport & Alliant Millers

We also offer the following capabilities:
   •HE&M Automatic production saw cutting
   •Drilling - Boring - Tapping - Abrasive Tumbling
   •Surface Grinding - Bead Blasting - Anodizing
   •Nickel/Chrome Plating - Ultrasonic Cleaning
   •Laser Marking and Engraving
    and many more.

History and Development of the Screw Cutting Lathe

The screw cutting engine lathe is the oldest and most important of machine tools and from it all other machine tools have been developed. It was the lathe that made possible the building of the steamboat, the locomotive, the electric motor, the automobile and all kinds of machinery used in industry. Without the lathe our great industrial progress of the last century would have been impossible.